Deadline for abstract submissions: March 3, 2017


Abstracts will be submitted through the Fields Institute. Abstract submission is a multi-step process.

  1. First you must register through the Fields Institute (use the link below). This registration is only to allow you to submit an abstract and does not register you for the conference.
  2. When you complete step (1) you will receive a confirmation email with a code. Then use the link below and the code to submit your abstract. You cannot submit an abstract until you receive such a code.
  3. If your talk is in a mini-symposium (i.e., you have been invited by an organizer of a mini-symposium) and the mini-symposium has been accepted (see list), then your talk is accepted. After you submit your abstract, please send an email with your name, your title, the mini-symposium name, and the names of the mini-symposium organizers to The process of acceptance of a mini-symposium takes some time, so if you have been invited to a mini-symposium that is under review, please check with the organizer(s) as to its status before submitting your abstract.

If your talk is not a plenary talk and you have not been invited to an accepted mini-symposium, then your talk is a contributed talk. However, if there is a mini-symposium in which you think your talk would fit, you are welcome to contact the mini-symposium organizer(s) and request that your talk be considered for inclusion in the mini-symposium. It is entirely up to the mini-symposium organizer(s) to determine whether they have space and if so whether they wish to accept your talk. If they accept your talk, then your talk becomes part of that mini-symposium, and you should email as in (3) above.

If you object to answering a question in the Fields registration process or experience difficulty with the Fields registration or abstract submission process, please contact

Each speaker is limited to only one talk, with the only exception being that a speaker may give one mathematics talk and one mathematics education talk.

Registration for abstract submission

Submission of abstract (after registration for abstract submission)