MS-19 Representation Theory

Organizer: Jonas Hartwig (Iowa State University)

The goal of the mini-symposium is to bring together a cross-section of the community in representation theory of algebras in finite and infinite-dimensional vector spaces to discuss recent and ongoing developments. Topics include rings, algebras, modules, Lie algebras, quantum groups, quivers, combinatorics, module categories, and applications.


Tathagata Basak, Eisenstein series for hyperbolic reflection groups

Sarah Bockting-Conrad, Some linear transformations associated with a tridiagonal pair of q-Racah type

Mark Colarusso, The Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable system for complex orthogonal Lie algebras

Miodrag Iovanov, On Incidence Algebras and their Representations

Apoorva Khare, Generalized nil-Coxeter algebras over complex reflection groups

Matt Lee, Global Weyl modules for non standard maximal parabolics of twisted Affine Lie algebras

Kayla Murray, Graded Representations of Current Algebras

Lisa Schneider, Multiplicities of Demazure Flags

Akaki Tikaradze, On the isomorphism problem of certain algebraic quantizations