MS-13 Recent Advancements in Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Computation (Numerical Eigenvalue Methods)

James Vogel (Purdue University), Xin Ye (Purdue University), and Jianlin Xia (Purdue University)

This mini-symposium presents recent novel techniques for numerical computation of eigenvalues, singular values, and spectral decompositions. These include contour-integral based eigensolvers, divide-and-conquer methods, and structured Lanczos methods that are very efficient and reliable for modern large-scale computing applications. These methods help to highlight the “connections” between linear algebra and other areas of mathematics; such as complex analysis, graph theory, and probability theory.


Jonathan Moussa, Local reduction of Hermitian eigenproblems

Enyinda Onunwor, On the Computation of a Truncated SVD of a Large Linear Discrete Ill-Posed Problem

James Kestyn, New Functionality in the FEAST Eigenvalue Solver

Tetsuya Sakurai, Nonlinear Sakurai-Sugiura method for electronic transport calculation

James Vogel, A Superfast Multi-Rank Eigenvalue Update: Algorithm, Analysis, and Applications