Plenary Speakers

Rajendra Bhatia, Indian Statistical Institute, Hans Schneider Prize Speaker, Thursday, 8:00, Hoover 2055, Another metric, another mean
Hal Caswell, University of Amsterdam, Tuesday, 13:45, Hoover 2055, Matrix population models: Connecting individuals and populations
Chris Godsil, University of Waterloo, Monday, 13:45, Hoover 2055, Graph invariants from quantum walks
Stefan Güttel, The University of Manchester, SIAG-LA Lecturer, Thursday, 14:35, Hoover 2055, The Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem
Willem Haemers,Tilburg University, Thursday, 13:45, Hoover 2055, Spectral characterizations of graphs
Tamara G. Kolda, Sandia National Laboratories, Tuesday, 8:00, Hoover 2055, Tensor Decomposition: A Mathematical Tool for Data Analysis and Compression
Miklós Pálfia, Sungkyunkwan University and MTA-DE "Lendület" Functional Analysis Research Group, Taussky-Todd Lecturer, Tuesday, 8:50, Hoover 2055, On the recent advances in the multivariable theory of operator monotone functions and means
Vern Paulsen, University of Waterloo, Monday, 8:30, Hoover 2055, Quantum Chromatic Numbers
Helena Šmigoc, University College Dublin, Monday, 9:20, Hoover 2055, LAMA Lecturer, From positive matrices to negative polynomial coefficients
Raf Vandebril, KU Leuven, ILAS 30th Anniversary LAA Lecturer, Friday, 11:00, Hoover 2055, Fast and Stable Roots of Polynomials via Companion Matrices
Rachel Ward, University of Texas, Thursday, 8:50, Hoover 2055, Learning dynamical systems from highly corrupted measurements