MS-14 Numerical Ranges

Organizers: Patrick X. Rault (University of Arizona South) and Ilya Spitkovsky (NYU Abu Dhabi)

In this mini-symposium we will bring together many of the world's leading researchers on the numerical range of a matrix, also known as the field of values of a matrix. Topics will include the recently introduced Gau-Wu invariant, the Crouzeix Conjecture, and an analogue of numerical ranges over finite fields.


Göran Bergqvist, Curves and envelopes that bound the spectrum of a matrix

Kristin Camenga, The Gau-Wu number for 4×4 matrices.

Peng-Ruei Huang, Cyclic weighted shift matrix with reversible weights

Pan Shun Lau, The star-shapedness of a generalized numerical range

Brian Lins, Eigenvalue crossings in Hermitian pencils and the boundary of the numerical range

Hiroshi Nakazato, Singular points of the Kippenhahn curves for unitary bordering matrices

Cesar Palencia, The numerical range as a spectral set

Linda Patton, Numerical ranges with rotational symmetry

Patrick Rault, Numerical Ranges over Finite Fields