MS-1 Linear Algebra Aspects of Association Schemes (Association Schemes)

Organizers: Allen Herman (Regina) and Bangteng Xu (Eastern Kentucky)

Research on association schemes has continued to evolve in the last decade, led by advances in both the combinatorial and representation-theoretic directions that rely heavily on linear algebraic techniques. This mini-symposia will highlight the applications of linear algebra in this field, featuring talks by invited speakers on characterizations of table algebras of low rank, on new characterizations of P- and Q-polynomial association schemes, on new applications of Terwilliger algebras of association schemes, and on new descriptions of the algebraic properties of distance regular and strongly regular digraphs.


Harvey Blau, Reality-based algebras with a 2-dimensional representation

Christopher French, Realizations of nonsymmetric hypergroups of rank 4 as association schemes

Mitsugu Hirasaka, On meta-thin association schemes with certain conditions

Siwaporn Mamart, Merging in bipartite distance-regular graphs

Alyssa Sankey, Covering configurations derived from weighted coherent configurations

Gurmail Singh, C-algebras arising from integral Fourier matrices

Sung-Yell Song, Partial geometric designs obtained from association schemes

Supalak Sumalroj, The nonexistence of a distance-regular graph with intersection array {22,16,5;1,2,20}

Paul Terwillinger, Leonard triples of q-Racah type and their pseudo intertwiners

Jason Williford, Q-polynomial association schemes with at most 5 classes.

Bangteng Xu, Pseudo-direct sums and wreath products of loose-coherent algebras with applications to coherent configurations