Contributed Talks

Mohammad Adm, Recent Applications of the Cauchon Algorithm to the Totally Nonnegative Matrices

Kensuke Aihara, Numerical study on combining the CGS-type methods and the residual smoothing technique

Minerva Catral, Spectral study of {R,s+1}-potent matrices

Manami Chatterjee, Inequalities regarding group invertible H matrices

Chunli Deng, The Minc-type bound and the eigenvalue inclusion sets of the general product of tensors

Hamide Dogan, Ideals of Lower Triangular Toeplitz Matrices

Kenneth Driessel, Schwartz's Model of Business Cycles

Jillian Glassett, Spectrally Arbitrary Zero-Nonzero Patterns over Rings with Unity.

Xinqi Gong, Singular value decompostion based deep learning architecture for functional motion prediction of super-large protein complexes

Gary Greaves, Equiangular line systems in Euclidean space

Gennadij Heidel, Second Order Riemannian Methods for Low-Rank Tensor Completion

Bokhee Im, Approximate Latin squares and triply stochastic cubic tensors

Hamid Javadi, Non-negative Matrix Factorization Revisited

Tianpei Jiang, The operator monotonicity of k-isotropic functions

Sivakumar K.C., Singular M-matrices: Some Recent Results

Hana Kim, Riordan matrices related to the Mertens function

Nikolai Krivulin, Methods of tropical optimization in rank-one approximation of positive matrices

Hiroshi Kurata, Some Theorems on the Core Inverse of Matrices and the Core Partial Ordering

Haifeng Li, Principal eigenvectors and spectral radii of uniform hypergraphs

Rachid Marsli, Bounds for the Smallest and the Largest Eigenvalues of Hermitian Matrices

Little Hermie Monterde, On the sum of strictly k-zero matrices

Keiichi Morikuni, Contour integral methods for rectangular eigenproblems

Projesh Nath Choudhury, Matrices whose hermitian part is positive semidefinite.

Evelyn Nitch-Griffin, Backwards Stability of the Schur Canonical Form

Marko Orel, Connections between preserver problems, graph theory, and finite geometry

Travis Peters, LIGHTS OUT! on Cartesian Products

Rachel Quinlan, Counting matrices over finite fields

Alicia Roca, On the minimal partial realizations of a sequence of vectors

Adam Rutkowski, Merging of positive maps: a construction of various classes of positive maps on matrix algebras

Abbas Salemi Parizi, On the convergence rate of the DGMRES method by using the polynomial numerical hulls of matrices

Simon Telen, Polynomial system solving and numerical linear algebra

Jihad Titi, Fast Determination of the Tensorial and Simplicial Bernstein Enclosure

Konstantin Usevich, Global convergence of Jacobi-type algorithms for symmetric tensor diagonalization

Enzo Wendler, A generalization of skew adjacency matrices and spectra